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Hello all! We will continue this blog at http://khalidabiz.blogspot.com/

Hope to see you all over there Lachen


xxx Khalida


Pictures Bellydance Festival online - FB

Check out this FB album with some fabulous pictures of the bellydance festival in Heerlen:

Thank you Franziska for the beautiful shots!





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Workshop piccies - 23 Jan in Würselen

Workshops 'Dance with attitude' and 'Saidi smackdown' in Würselen :)


The workshops were a hoot to teach and I truly enjoyed the good athmosphere and pure enthousiasm. Thank you so much ladies!!

165562_1849111229893_1304071729_32170978_7650894_n.jpgSee also www.bauchtanzschule-khalida.de and www.khalida.biz

FB Page Khalida: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Khalida/32734239893

FB Page Bellydance School: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=132066063499204

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Workshops in Würselen - piccies!

The workshops were lovely, thank you all super students!! Looking forward to the workshops of next Sunday already!




workshops_16_01_2011_small003.jpg workshops_16_01_2011_small004.jpg


See also www.bauchtanzschule-khalida.de and http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=166914129990961&... for more information.

Still spots available for next weeks workshops on Sunday 23rd of Jan! Email me at info@bauchtanzschule-khalida.de if you're interested :)

xx Khalida

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Yay, we made it to the newspaper!

Woohoo Lachen Both coachee Hanaa from Belgium and Majidah from the Netherlands won silver at the IDO Championships this year, AND they made it to the newspapers, yay!! Go ladies!!

Check out the articles here:



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Back from Orlando!

orlando_flyer.jpgJust returned from an amazing weekend in Orlando with Aziza of Canada and Lena Helt of Sweden :) It was absolutely fantastic, I am still on my cloud, totally inspired :)

I originally heard about the event from Aziza herself at Leyla's festival in Duisburg, it was held at the Doubletree Resort in Orlando, organized by Andrea of Stellaradvantage during her birthday weekend, and thusly called 'Aziza's birthday bash'.

Aziza invites international teachers she loves to take classes from, and this year it was the fabulous Lena of Sweden.


Thursday - travel day


A failed attempt at packing light, a (very) early morning coffee in Düsseldorf airport, takeoff to Atlanta and Orlando. The meanwhile view = international clouds. I arrived just in time at the hotel to have a quick stroll in the beautiful gardens before the official 'meet and greet', where the festival teachers and international guests *waves at Nelleke and co* gathered to celebrate our birthday girl.

Friday - day one - workshops and show

A hearty hotel breakfast, just the thing to prepare for Aziza's drum solo craft workshop! It was fun and challenging at the same time, with the classic 20-minute shimmy drills plus a new spin on 'environment management' for dancers :) Lena's oriental workshop on Friday was FAST but also very musical, with a super cute melaya nod in between.

There were 2 shows at this event, one on Friday and one on Saturday. I was pretty nervous to perform there myself.. Aargh. With Aziza watching, my inspiration and dance hero. But I survived, somehow, happy there would be a second event. Did not get to catch the whole show sadly, but I did see some beautiful and incredibly innovative performances.. Karolina, Mia Sha'uri and her brother Al Hassan..  Those are definitely dancers to watch! Loved Leela's baladi, Sherena's fiery performance and the awesome Sheherazade girls. Lena did a super cute number in part 2 and Aziza was absolutely gorgeous in red.

Saturday - day two - workshops and gala show

Loved loved loved Lena's shaabi classes on Saturday, I feel I've learned so much and the choreos were a hoot. I enjoyed being able to hang out with her and Aziza for a whole weekend so much, truly great personalities and very generous people. It was a lot of fun to be able to meet some of Aziza's intensive students as well *waves at Lorena and co* and to see some great dancers from Bhuz *waves at Mahsati and others* 'live' for the first time at this event.


 The gala show on Saturday night was on, and my preparations for this one were a bit more.. eventful. I had brought the mirror costume with me, and while unpacking I found one of the mirrors on the skirt was missing. Panic! I found it thankfuly after some rummaging in the costume bag, then had the luminous idea of trying to fix the skirt by ironing the glue to activate it again. And lo, it WORKED! I sat there feeling super smart for a few minutes, then had the even more luminous idea to start ironing my white veil.. with that same iron. Oops. The stain did not show much on the veil in movement thankfully, but the rest of preparations were done with a shaky hand and a careful eye..

The show on Saturday was even more spectacular than the one on Friday. I had never seen Aziza dance in her white costume before, and she simply took my breath away. Lorena was beautiful, Kaitlyn was awesome, the Swedish girls rocked, the whole show was simply top notch, everyone brought their best to the table. Lena closed the evening with the Shaabi number we learned in class, and boy did she bring it! Got the birthday girl up to dance and worked the tables, joked with the emcee and danced like there's no tomorrow. We didn't want the evening to end!

Alas, good things do still end in the end, so after some winding down with a late-night snack it was time for..

Sunday - day three - workshops, goodbyes and after party


Aziza taught an amazing class on improvisation techniques in the morning. I have taken this workshop before in Germany and Sweden, but every time I learn something new. The concepts she touches on are great for performers as well as teachers, and the information she shares is invaluable for students of all levels. She challenged us with assignments and joined us in the fray.. after the workshop there were emotional goodbyes, as she had to leave for the airport right away.

Lena's baladi class on Sunday was super sweet. She talked a bit about the music and styles, as well as her life in Egypt as a dancer, and we learned the choreo she performed on the first night.

The classes ended in the afternoon, which meant there was some time left for relaxing in the pool (finally! lol) and a memorable afterparty with the Swedish and Hawaiian girls at Greek taverna 'Opa!'

Monday - return

Flying back from the event was hard, too many good memories to leave them behind. I was picked up by Andrea and June in the morning for our trip to the airport. We quickly said our goodbyes, I took a last airport picture (with palm trees), shopped and had more coffee, then headed off home again. Feeling very grateful, with a head full of dance and a heart full of inspiration I'm sitting here writing.. Can't wait to dance some more soon and see my dance friends again!

The End!

PS: Check out the complete picture album here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=206460&l=1a8bd8...

PSPS: The costume coverups you see on me and Aziza in the show pictures are from Jewel of India Imports -> Bipin indjewel@bellsouth.net ;)

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Oslo festival pictures online!

Just got back from a fantastic weekend in Oslo!! Thank you so much Siri and Catherine for making the 1001natt festival possible, and thank you so much to all the lovely dancers and students I got to meet :) ♥ Miss Norway already!! x Khalida

decoration decoration decoration decoration decoration decoration

PS: More piccies of the Oslo 1001natt Festival, the Hafla and the Workshops can be found here:  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=169827&id=3...



Pictures Orient Party Leyla Jouvana online!

Yay :) Check out the complete Facebook photo album of Leyla Jouvana's oriten party in April here:





Blog post on Hyves (Dutch): http://khalida-bellydance.hyves.nl/blog/32716444/Orient_Party_in_Duisburg_gisteren/CsZF/

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Back from London!

I had a great time dancing at Planet Egypt in London this Thursday! Nice performances, great people, lovely venue.. A whole album of pictures can be found here on facebook: Planet Egypt - Sabeena Hosenally - Facebook


Best wishes and have a great weekend!

xx Khalida www.khalida.biz

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Show with Magdy El Leisy last Saturday

decoration The show with Magdy el Leisy and his troupe last Saturday was absolutely amazing! Lachen And we had great fun to boot.

There were some great dancers in this show and I am very proud to have been part of it!

Our program: We started with an intro which showcased the dancers and different styles of Egyptian folklore, then we had a variety of group and solo dances including Skanderani, Hagalla, Shamadan (with zills!), Tanoura, Debke, Balady, Classical oriental and we ended with a massive Saidi finale with 14 dancers!

Group intro pics:

Saidi troupe girls! (I'm the little one on the left in the back row :-) decoration

End pose!

Solo pictures:


Lots and lots more action pics can be found in this gallery:


All in all it was a wonderful experience and I'd like to thank Magdy El Leisy for directing, choreographing and organising this beautiful show. I was very honored to have shared the stage with such excellent performers.

So Magdy, Nwarin, Ahmed Fekry, Nour el Hadi, Saleh, Bondok, Marat, Verahzad, Delanna, Michou, Mirimah, Zabinah and Sitaara.. you all ROCK! :-)

xx Khalida


Back from Eilat - I won 3rd place at Orits festival!!

Yay, sharing the joy!! Lachen

I was pretty nervous but am *very* proud to bring home another award!

First place was won by Stephania, who did a great drum solo, Second place went to a very talented male dancer from France, and I shared third place with Sophie, who did an amazing zill dance - sans music!!

More pictures and a detailed report of the festival can be found on my myspace blog.

decoration decoration decoration

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Going to Stockholm, Sweden this weekend!


I will be in Stockholm, Sweden from Friday till Monday, following workshops with Aziza and dancing at the showcase! Lachen I'm so excited!! See also http://www.sheherazade.se

Update: Added pictures!










Fotos from Duisburg!! Check it out Lachen

chadialuna kokoro

raks khalida_milka_bettina_ava goele_khalida said_el_amir_khalida artemisia_aziza_khalida aisa


Website update!

Ganz neues Design :-) www.khalida.biz



Back from Istanbul!

With Bellas cats decoration

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fotootjes workshop bozenka

als jullie nog meer fotootjes hebben voor op de blog: email away!



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Deel 2 - Fotos optreden/Auftritt 2007 groep Lanaken in Eschweiler

Bij deze nog enkele fotos van het optreden met de lesgroep uit Lanaken uit de show van 27 oktober 2007 in Eschweiler!








Gemaakt door Nikkij Thanks Nikki!




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fotos duisburg fesitval



kleedkamer lijst :) 




Khalida, ernst en aziza!! 









Khalida met Leyla Jouvana (organisatrice) en haar man/drummer Roland









Khalida met Bellydance Superstar Sharon Kihara







Khalida met Aziza (workshop in Duisburg) 




Khalida met Iserona, Duisburg 


fotos optreden lesgroep in eschweiler

Hoi hoi,

Hier al enkele fotootjes van het optreden op 27 oktober in Eschweiler.

Dankjewel voor het doorsturen Miren! 










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Fotos optreden Kortrijk

Hallo allemaal,

Op onderstaande link vinden jullie een fotoalbum van een optreden tijdens Bhuzworld in Kortrijk. (afgelopen zaterdag)


De organisators van dit evenement vroegen een grote buikdansshow voor hun evenement, en deze  show is met glans georganiseerd door mijn collega Artemisia. Artemisia, haar leerlingen, Serkan, Salwa en ikzelf hebben meegedanst in deze show.

Groetjes! Khalida


Met Claudia 


met Katerin 


Met Anke 


met Artemisia, artistic director van de show


met Carine



terug van even weggeweest!

Hoi hoi,

Ik ben er weer, nét terug van een weekje vakantie, met als hoofdactiviteit  wandelen en 'rondhangen' op Madeira, het bloemeneiland :-)



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makeup workshop fotootjes

Hier al de eerste fotootjes, er volgen er meer!









14 Kopie






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nieuwe fotos op de site!

Er staan wat nieuwe fotootjes op www.khalida.nl!!
Veel kijkplezier!


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Fotos Suhaila WS Parijs!!

Hier al een paar fotootjes, verslagje volgt later ;-)

met Amana, de organisatrice uit Parijs, met Suhaila, en met de groep: paris_amana_khalida suhgroup_paris3

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Fotos festival

De fotos van het buikdansfestival van Stichting Dans van de Morgenstond staan online!
Je kan ze bekijken via deze link: www.bellydance.nl

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Foto/video update

De eerste videoclips van het afgelopen festival 'Cascade' staan online!
Je kan ze terugvinden op www.khalida.nl/videoclips

Hier alvast een foto van de diploma uitreiking:

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Foto-album update!

Ik ben deze week volop het fotoalbum aan het updaten op www.khalida.nl

Kom eens een kijkje nemen! :-)


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