Workshops and show in Heerlen this weekend!

Pictures of the workshop on Saturday (today), you really rocked it ladies!



See also www.bellydancefestival.nl


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Song lyrics - Baed Anak

Check out this great website with Arabic lyrics and translations to english:


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DVDs, Events and Wedding preparations - Busy months ahead!

I'm very excited about the events and new projects that are coming up!

Khalida instructional DVDs

I am currently working on the 'call lists' or the scripts for both a 'Shimmies with Khalida' DVD as a DVD with 'Isis Wings combinations and technique'. Am super super excited about it all. Actual DVD recordings will happen in April in Montreal (in cooperation with Azizaraks productions!) and editing will be done April through June, so with a bit of luck the DVDs will be available by THIS SUMMER! Yay yay yay! :0)

Next to that new choreographies will have to be made, and I am testing the DVD material on my students (lots of shimmies! and playing with Isis wings) in the coming few weeks ;0) New photos are in the planning for the DVD cover as well, as soon as I have those I will be happy to share!

MK Festival

So far all the information we have about the MK Festival is already on the website (I've added the workshop descriptions, venue directions and hafla lineup recently) But the biggest news is: enrollments are NOW opened!

Bios and pictures of the dancers will be sent to Milka in the coming months, and I am waiting to receive some of the workshop descriptions at the moment. All the rest can already be found on www.mkfestival.com so feel free to browse, check and ask me (Khalida) if any extra information is needed!

In any case we are super pleased with our 2 international guests this year (Milka and I counted ourselves as 'insiders', haha): Razia and Sophia Chariarse. I've worked with Razia during our RAKS Summerschool for 3 years now, and the 2011 edition of RAKS has sold out completely in 23 hours and twenty minutes, unbelievable!

In any case she is a fantastic teacher and performer, you will see. And well, what else is there to say about Sophia than that we are super proud to have her in our lineup!! She is truly one of the best fusion performers in Germany, and very knowlegdeable in different styles.

Special guest performers at our hafla this year include Penthesilea, a gothic group from Germany, which have also been featured on Hagalla.de

We are also very happy to present Queenie, a fantastic dancer from Belgium (www.belly-dance.be ) and Harlemin from Holland, who won multiple prizes in the Dutch and Benelux championships. Also we will greet Artemisia, international performer who runs the RAKS summerschool with me and Razia in Belgium every year.

Other than that we will have RAKS PRO, an award winning (second place at Leylas Contest 2010!) professional troupe from Belgium www.rakspro.com who will be performing a drum solo choreo by guest teacher Razia. You will see a few of the guest dancers of last year featured in this group, and I am happy to say I've helped coach them for the competition as well.

Then we have Sylenna, who studies with me in Würselen as well as with Leyla in Duisburg. It will be one of her first solos, and she is a very promising dancer, one to be watched!

Amirah from Belgium (the Belgian half of duo Kokoro ;0) will be dancing a solo too, as well as Saida, a dancer from Belgiun who also owns the bellydance shop 'La Bellini', which was featured at the festival last year.

Another group performance will be by Ispahan from the Netherlands, and there will even be some live music this year, as Shemza and her partner Chris (aka Mr Boem-Taka-Boem) will be showing us their best with a live drum solo and live drum intermezzos during the break.

Festivals - events

But, before the DVD shoot begins, I will be visiting 6 different festivals in 5 different countires to teach and perform:
Yamilas festival in Heerlen 27, 28 Februari, with workshop on Saturday and show on Sunday
Workshops en show in Thessaloniki 5-6 March (yay :d )

Workshop weekend in London 11-12 March (almost sold out already, whoop!)

Euro RAKS Congress festival in Katowice 17-20 March

Jewel of Yorkshire festival in Saltaire, 1-3 April

Stars of Bellydance Festival in Brugge, BE 9-10 April

And last but not least: I will be getting married this year too! 27th of May is the date :0) Whoo! So a busy time is at hands.. But good busy of course ;0)

Pwew. And now I'm going to get some sleep ;0)

Talk to you soon!

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