MK Festival - 3-5 Juni 2011!

Milka and Khalida will be coorganising the second edition of the MK Festival, 3-5 June 2011!

Guest teachers this year will be Razia (USA), Sophia Chariarse (DE), Milka (NL) and Khalida (DE). Hope to see you all there!



Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=176978875677602

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RAKS Summerschool enrollments open soon!

Hi everyone! Enrollments for our international RAKS (Razia Artemisia and Khalida) Summerschool in Leuven, 24-28 August 2011 will open on Saturday 12th of Feburary! Places are limited, so be ready to (en)roll!

xx Khalida

See www.raks.be




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Workshop piccies - 23 Jan in Würselen

Workshops 'Dance with attitude' and 'Saidi smackdown' in Würselen :)


The workshops were a hoot to teach and I truly enjoyed the good athmosphere and pure enthousiasm. Thank you so much ladies!!

165562_1849111229893_1304071729_32170978_7650894_n.jpgSee also www.bauchtanzschule-khalida.de and www.khalida.biz

FB Page Khalida: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Khalida/32734239893

FB Page Bellydance School: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=132066063499204

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Workshops in Würselen - piccies!

The workshops were lovely, thank you all super students!! Looking forward to the workshops of next Sunday already!




workshops_16_01_2011_small003.jpg workshops_16_01_2011_small004.jpg


See also www.bauchtanzschule-khalida.de and http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=166914129990961&... for more information.

Still spots available for next weeks workshops on Sunday 23rd of Jan! Email me at info@bauchtanzschule-khalida.de if you're interested :)

xx Khalida

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New class season is starting!!

164588_496208719893_32734239893_5797881_6923932_n.jpgWoohoo, getting ready for the new dance season!!

4 new workshops in Würselen on Su 16 Jan (this weekend) and Su 23 Jan. Still spots available! Email us at info@khalida.biz to enroll.

Weekly classes are starting again on Tuesday 18. Jan in Stolberg and Thursday 20. Jan in Würselen. Come and join us! :)

I will be traveling for some fab workshops and events again in Feb, March, April, May and June as well after that! Can't wait!! Hope to see you all there!

Happy shimmies!

xx Khalida

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Back from Eilat!

39131_144114675615272_143989702294436_355961_6786588_n.jpgAm back from Eilat Festival in Israel organised by Orit Maftsir.

Four days of non-stop dancing, workshops with fantastic teachers, beautiful shows, a spectacular live band, great food, good weather.. Ahh.. it's like dancers' paradise.. Lachen

I was so happy to be there, catching up and dancing with old friends and meeting new ones. Thank you Orit and Yael! See pictures of this fantastic event: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=276941&l=5284af...

Next year there will be another Eilat festival in January, so be sure to mark the date!

xx Khalida



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