Back from England! Celebrating Dance festival and video of 'Kemal'

Just got back from a FANTASTIC weekend teaching and performing at Afra Al Kahira's Celebrating Dance festival in Torquay. So happy and proud to have been dancing along such wonderful people like Yasmina of Cairo, Artemisia of Belgium, Vashti and many more..


The hafla/belly dance party was great fun and the show on Saturday was just amazing..I had a wonderful time teaching at CD as well, the delegates there were super enthousiastic and warm, and they worked it all weekend!


On Saturday morning we did shimmies, pops, locks AND undulations ;) plus traveling steps and transitions in the afternoon, and on Sunday we did the veil choreo called 'Kemal'. For the students looking for a youtube of that dance, check out this clip from my performance in Duisburg a while ago. 

The composer of this song is Manis Hadjiakis, and the singer is Savina Yannatou. Translated Lyrics can be found here: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/Kemal-Kemal.html

And a fun (albeit freely translated ;) English cover by the band 'Raining Pleasure' here:

A few piccies of the weekend can be found in my Facebook album, the official show pictures will follow soon!

PS: I've already been asked to dance and teach at Celebrating Dance again in October 2011, yay! Lachen Looking forward to it a lot!!

xx K.

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