New class season has started :) Stolberg, Brunssum, Würselen represent!

group_mk.jpgThe new class season is up and running, finally Lachen

For the coming season (Okt-Dec 2010) we will have 6 groups in 3 different locations: Stolberg (Tuesday nights), Brunssum (Thursday noon) and Würselen (Thursday nights).

Ready to rumble!

All class locations and exact dates/times can be found here: www.bauchtanzschule-khalida.de/bellydance/class_schedule....

Themes for this season:

  • Beginner/Beginner2: basic isolations, veil work and choreo 'Eih'
  • Drills and Conditioning: hip work, upper body, traveling and layering
  • Intermediate/advanced: arabic rhythms, zills and combinations :)

PS: If you're still interested enrolling our classes: It's not too late!! Check out the links our Class schedule page (for all class locations) or go directly to the Signup page (for Würselen)

Looking forward to seeing you all in class!

xx Khalida

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