Short fall break - we'll be back end of September!!

Hi peeps, during the coming 3 weeks there will be no classes or workshops with Khalida, but after that we will be back with a bang! 

Classes: On Thursday 30. September we will have 2 FREE TRYOUT CLASSES: One in Brunssum (12.00-13.00) and one in Würselen (18.30-19.00). All students are welcome! The first week of October our regular weekly classes in Stolberg, Würselen, Brunssum and Geilenkirchen will start. See www.bauchtanzschule-khalida.de for all details!

For workshops and events: We've just updated the Fall/Winter tour schedule for 2010/2011, so check out the latest news at www.khalida.biz/bellydance/events.html

Email replies and enrollment confirmations may be delayed slightly during the coming weeks. If you already signed up online for any classes or workshops before September you can expect a reply from us the coming week, otherwise we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy these last summer days, can't wait to dance with you all again soon!! Lachen

xxx Khalida


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