Week 5 - 'Raks Leila' by Farid El Attrache

Week 5: Leila by Farid El Attrache

Hello dear students! The song of the week for Thursday's summer class will be 'Leila' by Farid El Attrache. More information about the composer of the music and names of the albums where you can find versions of it can be found below. Happy dancing!


  • Music: Leila or Leyla or Raks leila
  • Composer: Farid Al Attrache / Farid El Attrache
  • Where to find this song: George Abdo's 'the Joy of Bellydance', 'Bellydance with Farid El-Atrache' and 'Very Cairo Vol.3 - Kings favorite'


Videoclip: A clip of Nelli from a movie, dancing to Farid El Atrache's Leila (posted by Shems): Note the Farid cameo halfway!

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