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Fun article by Princess Farhana (USA) about useful household items to make your life as a belly dancer or belly dance student easier Lachen Check it out! http://princessraqs.blogspot.com/2010/05/everything-but-k...




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New website online - Khalida's school of oriental dance!

Hi all!

Our brand new website - Khalida's School of oriental Dance is finally online! Ch-check it out!!


The new online registration forms for the summer and fall-winter classes and workshops in Würselen are now active as well!

Come give it a try Lachen

Happy dancing!

xx Khalida

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Week 4: Zeina

Song of the week:



Videoclip: Samia Gamal performing to 'Zeina'


Videoclip: Djamila performing to 'Zeina' (live music)

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Week 3: Alf Leyla wa Leyla

Song of the week:

Alf Leyla wa Leyla - 1001 nights

by: Baligh Hamdi (Music) and Morsi Gamil Aziz (Lyrics)
Original version sung by Om Kalsoum 



Videoclip: original version Alf Leila wa Leila by Om Kalsoum (one part)


Videoclip: Performance of Saida of Argentina to Alf Leila Wa Leila


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Facebook group for students and friends of Khalida's school of oriental Dance!

Neue Facebook Gruppe! 'Bauchtanzschule Khalida' für Freunde und Lehrlinge von unsere Schule für oriëntalischen Tanz. Come and check it out! {#emotions_dlg.smile} 'Facebook group - Khalida's school of oriental dance'

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Week 2 - Leylet Hob

Leylet Hob - love night by Mohamed Abdel Wahab

  1. Lyrics/translation: asra-bellydance.com
  2. About the composer: en.wikipedia.org
  3. Original version (in 4 parts) by Om Kalsoum: See www.bhuz.com/forum


Video of Soheir Zaki performing

Edit: The video with Soheir performing to Leilet Hob is unfortunately not online anymore.. Soheir was the first dancer to perform oriental dance to a song by Om Kalsoum with her blessing :) thereby opening up a world of dance music to this community.

Enjoy two other clips of her dancing from the same era:

Part of the original version of the complete (45 minute!) song by Om Kalsoum:

Where to find this song? There are different versions on different CDs, try using Google with the album names below to find a seller near you or online, or try the links for a (legal!) mp3 download/buy. Some of these are also available on itunes.

  1. CD/mp3 Album Junto a Saida by Mario Kirilis: Amazon.de
  2. CD/mp3 Album Ourjouan: Amazon.de
  3. CD/mp3 Album 10 songs every bellydancer should know: www.emusic.com


5 songs every bellydancer should know - Tahtil Shibbak

Hi all! To kick off our summer series about well-known arabic songs, here is the first one in the list! Enjoy Lachen

Famous dancers performing to this song:

Dina of Egypt

Ranya Renee of NYC

Dina with Fatme Serhan (singer of the Best of Saidi and Baladi Queen CD version)


Also check out this great article about belly dance music: http://www.thoughts.com/jamielynn/blog/songs-every-bellyd...