Week 2 - Leylet Hob

Leylet Hob - love night by Mohamed Abdel Wahab

  1. Lyrics/translation: asra-bellydance.com
  2. About the composer: en.wikipedia.org
  3. Original version (in 4 parts) by Om Kalsoum: See www.bhuz.com/forum


Video of Soheir Zaki performing

Edit: The video with Soheir performing to Leilet Hob is unfortunately not online anymore.. Soheir was the first dancer to perform oriental dance to a song by Om Kalsoum with her blessing :) thereby opening up a world of dance music to this community.

Enjoy two other clips of her dancing from the same era:

Part of the original version of the complete (45 minute!) song by Om Kalsoum:

Where to find this song? There are different versions on different CDs, try using Google with the album names below to find a seller near you or online, or try the links for a (legal!) mp3 download/buy. Some of these are also available on itunes.

  1. CD/mp3 Album Junto a Saida by Mario Kirilis: Amazon.de
  2. CD/mp3 Album Ourjouan: Amazon.de
  3. CD/mp3 Album 10 songs every bellydancer should know: www.emusic.com

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